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 A page where a whole range of ideas to make fishing and boating more enjoyable.

(Contributions to these ideas - are welcome)


 Update 7th August 2019

Below are some really good knots to have in your bag of tricks.If you follow the links there are about 12 different knots to learn. Tight Lines.


 Two types of squid jiggs.


 This knot would have to be my favorite knot.Its called the Albright Knot.Its the best way I have found to connect braid to mono lead line.And its so easy to tie.


One of the most beautiful eating fish, yet quite difficult to catch, is the King George Whiting.

For years Anglers have tried different set ups and rigs.

Some work well, others don't.

One thing is -

You won't catch 'em if they are not around the boat.

Burley is a key part in the art of getting them.

Some people keep their Burley Recipe a closely guarded secret.

We are not going to be giving away anybodys secret's here!

But one thing that I will give you as a TIP, is a rig.  This is not just any rig, but a MAGIC RIG for KGW.

Try it for yourself, and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

First, you get about 1.5 mtrs of line.  Just ordinary mono.

Next, tie a #4 hook to the end of the line, and then from the hookless end, thread on,

  • 2 red beads  (the type found in all tackle stores and hippy bazzars)
  • 15 - 20cm of red plastic tubing (look in same store for this)
  • another 2 red beads
  • a second #4 hook (barb facing up or to the sky)
  • another 2 red beads
  • another 3-5 cm of red plastic tubing
  • tie off to a swivel
  • running sinker then on your fishing line, and attach to the swivel.  (the sinker goes on the rod side of the swivel)
There you have it, the MAGIC WHITING RIG.

(Just don't tell anyone)



 How to clean Squid:

This is a great video on how to clean and prepare squid for cooking.


 Our first tip is very basic.  But quite a few people still don't know how to do it properly!

How to fillet a Flathead.



We can't show you how to do a Flattie, without showing how to do this next great eating fish!

How to fillet a Snapper.



                                                                How to fillet a Salmon.                                                         


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